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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart ♥

Baby , 
Let me do this for you , please
Let me fill your empty spaces,let me mend your broken heart.
Let me gather up the pieces,of your life thats fell apart.
Let me be the one you call, when your hurting deep inside.
Let me be the one to wipe your tears, when you cant help but break down and cry.
Let me be the one to guide you,when you no longer know your way.
Let me be your comforting words,when you dont know what more to say.
Let me be your strength,when your too weak to even see.
Let me be your air,when you feel you can no longer breath.
Let me be the exception,when you feel you've had enough.
and let me be the one you love .

Sometimes i just sit in my room
wondering where you are
and are you missing me too ,
Baby your never off my mind 

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