I love u , u love me we are happy family

Friday, September 30, 2011

My days with him .

Monday ; 26-9-2011
Baby come accompany me after his class <3
We went drive thru @Bandar utama
Grass Jelly roasted milk tea :p
Breakfie with Family like usual , dim dum dim sum  :)
Thursday , 30-09-2010
Thanks Mummy ;)
I get red , is so hard to get it in Malaysia /;
But thanks god isetan klcc still got stock :p
New outlet @selayang mall .
Winter melon grass jelly tea & grass jelly roasted milk tea .

Anyone can make you smile. 
Many people can make you cry but, it takes someone very special to make you laugh with tears still in your eyes <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mua Lovely Saturday & Monday ♥

Saturday ; 17-9-2011
Pavi with Baby .

Having breakfie at Ying Ker Lou .
check tis out peoples :)

After tat movie tiem :
 1st cup of d day , buut it's quite geli ;x
Me & Bbay still prefer tis . 
our 2nd cup :)

Snow the flake .
Bought new suit for my mIss Apple :D

Monday ; 19-09-11
Went ikea with Baby , yay keep eat eat eat :p
Our 1st step kota damansara for chatime & hokkaido .
 nice bread .
@ikea , meat ball .
 Craving so long , i get it finally :)

 I love you and I don't want to lose you because my life has been better since the day I found you 

Comme des garcons

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday with Hubby ♥

The Gardens with Baby :)
 Breakfie @ Sushi Tie

Loveyoumybabyboy :3 

 See him , act cute ? grr .:P

DAMN nice tis , mz have a try people :D
 I ♥ Moo Cow Frozen yogurt . 

 @Gong cha 
Better than chatime :P

@Burberry .
Burberry's Fan :3

Home sweet home , gotta fight for d spm trial .
Am i cute ? :3

Peoples wish me luck k ? :( i'm not confident at all to d trial :(
Baiiiiiiiii :) , gotta say hey to myBOOOKS . 

Randomly .

Sunday ,28/8/2010 ; Second home with Baby <3
 Breakfie  @ din tai fung
D la mian damn nice :)

Scarely abit ? :O Keep hugging baby :3
 After movie chilling at Starbucks , my tumblur :(
 Snow the flake :)

shop shop @ Uniqlo

@Caffeinees , nice view got abit like full house .
Baby . <3

 The view .

Monday ; over9 at autny's house cz need help her do some paper work .
 Starbucks .

Wednesday went bak mummy's hometown ;x