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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Babi's day :D

Happy birthday to my beloved daddy <3
Wait u back Malaysia yay !
Breakfast of tdy :D
Gastric :((((((

Apple <3

Weeeeeeeee :p

Den head to Sg.Wang , they two wan buy fipper .
@Fahrenheit ; Vincci
Fipper gang :D

Brunch@Wong kok

Someone bought Roxy wallet .
Someone bought Guess wallet
Someone bought ............ wallet (i forget the name :X)



@Snow flake

ILY <3

Son :)

While waiting kaka :D

C , how cool is her ? :p

High tea Kay's Garden @Dpc 
After tea head to jusco 
Best buddies <3

Ignore my eye bag ! D:

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