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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yeen & Vincent Day's ; ILY u both ♥

Actually tdy is pak toh with my beloved mummy & aunt .
But i go meet Vincent & Yeen :p
Sry mummy & aunt :D
With slipper again :x
Outfit on tdy :

 Tqs Vincent :p

He block his face !
Ishhhh :@


 @snow flake


He wan throw away my Milk tea :(

The sweet couple .
Babe Yeen & His boy 

Den having brunch 
 @Wong kok 

Oii , stop touching my bag pls ! xD

Yeen's phon (;

Yeen Yeen Yeen :))

with the sweet couple :p

Vincent Wong ; Baby Boy . Lol
His fans will kill me ! 

My turn . XD
Tqs the photographer ; Vincent :p

with ice-cream phon <3

Trying shirt . LOL

Home sweet home on 9 =)
A wonderful day with them .
Love u both :p
Still got 5 days den , say HEY to 2011 

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