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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas's Day - 25122010 ♥

24 & 25 spent my time at Sunway .
Lazy to blog bout 24 lak :x
Oh well , hope u guy's had a unforgotable Christmas eve & Christmas
Outfit for tdy :

Sunway again :D

Get buy those stuff too :p
Converse shoe , shirt , pants & those rubbish ~ xD
Tqs my beloved mummy <3
Tat G-SHOCK i wan de no stock :(
Nice shopping over thr:D
Eat 3 times icecream /:
Mc flurry , BR & Haagen-Dazs
Almost 16.30 head back to Cheras .
Steambort for dinner .

Nom nom 

Saw dou my sexy babe ; Micol <3
Longtime dint see dou her le
But tdy saw dou her le ! xD
Sweet sweet yea :p
After steambort back to aut house den start captired with my lit sis . XD
Chik Chak :

Tqs baby girl for help me shooting :p

Home sweet home on 23:30 
Tomorrow Pavi with my beloved mummy & aunt .
Stay Tuned !
Tired like hell , head to bed now .
Night World ~

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