I love u , u love me we are happy family

Monday, June 13, 2011

Three days :)

Thursday ; One u with mummy ;)

Friday : Head bak to hometown .
Just a one day trip --
Miss popo <3
Saturday :The Gardens with Baby
Breakfast with him
@Kuchai Lama ,Jojo kitchen 

My frog , disgusting right ? D: 

He is playing d frog :D

The Gardens

 Chilling at Borders :)
 My love :3
Chatime ; The must when go Pavi , The Gardens & Sunway Pyramid :D
His love & my love :3
Bye willen :(
Happy study at UK ! 
Take care :)

Love truly and carefully - 
there is nothing like the soul shattering pain of walking away from what could have been.

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