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Thursday, June 9, 2011

8-06-2011 ; Wednesay

  Baby give me a morning call :)
So i shower n get ready .
He reach on 8 sumthing den we head to Taylor's ; His college for having breakfast -- Funny right ? :P.
After breakfast he fetch me to Sunway pyramid for meet my clssmates and he go bak to Taylor's for study :D 
While otw :)

 D shoe was kill my leg :(
Chilling chilling :)
Meet up my bestie Apple , her sis fetch her so she wait me at Starbucks :)
Photo time :D

Whiel waiting Asher , Hanson & Ben ! 

 Fake smile --
Is ugly i noe :)
Their sexy back :D
Baby come find me after his class ;)
 His son :D
He promoting my bag :@

 His love & my love :3

Thankq Baby <3
Money fly !
Mistakes make us human. 
Failures help us grow. 
Hope keeps us going. 
And love is the reason we're alive.
Keep learning, loving, and living.

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