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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

200 Days ♥

Saturday 13-08-2011 ; Pavi with Baby . 

Hang Over Part II , damn funny ;p
@The loaf 
Tow cups in a day !
Pearl milk tea .
 Baby like tis ; Choc halzenut .
Meet up my lover , Pei Yee <3

Night time , went party with Baby .
His fren heng yaw birthday , so got party at his house .
 @Heng yaw's crib !
Happy Birthday to him :)
Sing the K :)
So silly rite ? :p

the right side 1 is Andy , Baby dey all like to bully him :D

Heart you my love <3
Happy 200 Days 
The higher you build the walls around your heart, 
the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

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