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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben :)

Pavi after skul v Baby <3
Lunch @ Wong kok 
He take me from skul :)
Hiiii ;p
 My pearl milk tea .
 I giv tis to him , and he keep ignore me :( 
Baby bought tis to Ben :D
 Cupcakes .
Oh well , during night time celebrate Benny birthday at dpc .
While waiting dey all reach , we chilling at Coffee beans .
It's SUCK , i prefer Starbucks !
D birthday boy Ben aka my son .

Lit gift to u ben :D

Vicky Babe

 Ben & Vicky .
 Hanson & me .
 With d birthday boy

 Having our meal at @Lacasa

 Apple babe

D group photos :)

 Happy birthday ben 
 D cake , funny right ? ;p

 My black forest cheese , fatty boom boom am i :p
 Happy Birthday Ben you're 17 now ! Study hard and get 10A in SPM ;p

Credit by Ben & Vicky :)

True love is when you have a shoulders you can cry on, 
eyes to look after you, 
ears to listen to you
a Hug that cures all your pain...
Bii , i noe you be my side always :)

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