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Friday, April 22, 2011

421 Justin Bieber's concert ♥

Gay? He has a girlfriend.
Ugly? Millions of girls think he's the hottest guy alive & he's on millions of posters everywhere.
Weak? He gets tons of hate mail and horrible things said about him. Does that stop him from singing?
Heartless? Listen to"pray"
Unsuccessful? 17 yrs old, 29 songs, 3 albums, 9 music videos, 1 movie, 3 books,20 awards, 2 tours, 86 shows, 40 million fans.
Repost if you respect Justin Bieber

Yay is Thursday :D
Justin Bieber concert live in Malaysia
@Stadium Merdeka 

Epic :/

Belieber here :P
With d buddy :)
Rain oh rain D:

Start with Love Me , End with Baby . :)
AWESOME concert !
Justin iloveyou <3

Yesterday is history, 
Tomorrow a mystery, 
Today is a gift  : 
That's why it's called the presents

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